Children and windsurfing: how, where and when to start?

The last decade brought to the windsurfing so much technology, that’s why we can speak about a true revolution. Availability of tiny boards makes this sport available even for five-year-old children. There is also currently a large number of well-trained instructors.

Sailing and windsurfing

Today, we can talk about two ways of teaching windsurfing to the children. They begin immediately on the board, rather, always under the supervision of a qualified instructor or they start with sailing – a sport that is less technical. On the boats of an „Optimist class” child has the opportunity to become familiar with aquatic environment, he learns how to recognize from where the wind blows and learn the basic maneuvers and phrases. Only then it is adjustable on the board with a sail.

Kitesurfing as its best

The training must be fun

In both cases, training must be a pleasure for the child. Windsurfing instructors knows how to work with the children and they provide courses even for kids 6 and 7-year-old. Taking place on the water the lessons should have a form of the game. If the child goes to the school willingly, not because of the ambitions of the parents, it results in a rapid increase in skills.


Proper selection of the equipment

It is important that from the beginning you choose the equipment properly and give the child the right conditions. The water must be warm and shallow, and the child absolutely needs to feel safe – all the time! Therefore, the question is – when to start? The answer is one: – when a child expresses a desire and readiness.

Remember the life vest

In the surfing the ability of swimming is useful, but is not necessary. The child will always sail in shallow waters and under the supervision of an instructor or supervisor, so only important is that the water is clean. The children always swim with a life vest.

The safety in the surfing schools

In this kind of schools there are always maintained the highest standards of safety. The area intended for teaching is properly protected. The first training is always a funny game, so the child is properly motivated. In such an environment, the child become familiar with the basics is fun, which over time can become a true passion. This is how the lessons of the windsurfing for children should look like. The aim should be- to give a joy for the child.

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