Getting kids into windsurfing

It is widely believed that windsurfing is an extreme sport, reserved only for the best people. I think it is a wrong opinion and it’s against the development of this sport. Of course, when you look at the players doing somersaults on a board with a sail, it is easy to get the impression that this is not a sport for everyone. For the majority of people, who treats this sport as a hobby it doesn’t require special preparation, but neither physical nor expensive equipment or long hours of training. Windsurfing is also a relatively safe sport, with a surprisingly small number of accidents and injury.

How to get started with windsurfing?

The instructor should check all the individual abilities of the student and selects his equipment. It usually ends with the failure if you are trying to choose a desk by yourself. Even the most experienced vendor, without seeing his client on the water, is not able to choose a perfect windsurfing board for him. First of all, sign up the child for one lesson, in this way you will check if your little surfer likes this sport. It should be fun, not another duty. If after the first lesson, the child still wants to learn this discipline, then you should sign up him to the club and buy a special equipment. Windsurfing course begins with an instruction out of the water, which is a theoretical introduction to sailing. It familiarize the child with the board on a land.

child on the windsurfing

The first self-sail is done without the sail, the aim is  to learn a balance on the desk. After this lesson the child is ready to practice with a mounted sail. It is important to don’t get discouraged. The beginnings in each discipline are difficult, but once mastered the appropriate techniques, windsurfing becomes an adventure for the whole life. A week course with a professional instructor is enough to feel confident on the board and get the necessary skills for independent surf. You don’t need to be a perfect swimmer to start training for windsurfing, although this ability helps you feel confident in the water.