Haven’t seen Spain already? See why this country is so awesome!

The climate seems perfect in Spain, the people are relaxed, the beaches long and sandy and the food and drink is fantastic. Spain’s wonderful cities have exciting modern architecture, twisting old streets and bars serving wine and tapas in to the early hours.

There is much regional variety in Spain, from the holidays resorts of the Costas, to the wild Sierra. The country is oozing with culture if you know where to look. It has Roman aqueducts, Islamic palaces and Gothic cathedrals, and virtually every village has a medieval castle.

Spain has been home to some of the most famous artists and architects in the world. It boasts the architecture of Goudi and the artwork of Picasso, Dalí, El Greco and Velázquez to name but a few.

Capital: Madrid
Population: 42.7 million
People: Castilians, Basques, Catalans, Galicians, Moroccans, South Americans
Language: Catalan, Basque, Gallegan, Spanish
Religion: 85% Roman Catholic; 2% Jewish; 2% Muslim
Government: parliamentary monarchy

The highlights
Granada is home to the greatest Muslim legacy in Europe and is one of the most inspiring places in Spain. The Alhambra palace is set against the beautiful Sierra Nevada and is definitely worth seeing. It’s a window to Granada’s Moorish past.

This city is buzzing year-round. On the edge of fashion, architecture, food, music and style, Barcelona is one of the most stylish cities in the world. Stroll down The Ramblas, take in the museums and art galleries, and savour the long evenings of drinking and eating. Set between the mountains and the sea, Barcelona has year-round outdoor activities on offer.

On a small hill perched above Río Tajo, Toledo is a medieval city of narrow winding streets. It’s packed with galleries, museums, galleries, castles and churches. The cathedral is stunning.

Madrid’s fantastic museums, buildings and lively plazas make it a great city to visit. It’s Spain’s headiest city with some of the best nightlife in the country.

Best time to go
You can visit Spain and have fun any time of year although the best time is May, June and September when the weather is good but there are less tourists than in the height of the summer.