How to Interest Your Child in Playing an Instrument

With younger children we have much bigger influence for their musical abilities. The exceptions are children who have a very low ability to make music but it’s very rare. There is a sense of rhythm and hearing, you can improve those skills under the supervision of a teacher or even a parent. Singing with a child, playing with him various genres of music and many other interesting activities conducted outside the home, can greatly expand the musical abilities of the child.

The real lesson of playing the selected instrument, starts with children between 6-8 years old. The choice of exact age depends on the parents and the child.

Artonus, our partners, told us: The child itself must to be motivated to go on such a course, and the parent must be sure that the child is mature enough to focus on the lesson for 45 minutes. The first lessons should take place in the presence of a parent, the child shouldn’t feel stressed and left suddenly with a foreign person. Parents, should meet the teacher and see how he communicates with students.

Playing viola

Children with highly developed musical skills, pass without any problems an audition for music schools.

Another great tips from Artonus: The parent has a choice: daily music school combined with activities in the normal course of education, afternoon music school and private lessons, usually 1-2 times a week. Frequently at the beginning there is a lot of enthusiasm and good will of the child and the parents.

Problems arise after a few weeks, when the exercises are tedious and the child still cant play well. This is the most important time, what parents need to survive and to spend time with the child in a good atmosphere and positive motivation. When you leave a child alone or will show their impatience, frustration or disappointment – probably in this way you will end all his musical adventure.

A very important issue is the right choice of instrument for a child and a choice of a proper size. Remember that the child grows, so it is necessary to replace the instrument at some years. If you invest in a good musical instrument, make sure you also have an appropriate case. The most delicate instruments are – violins, violas, guitars and cellos. These instruments are made of wood, which is very sensitive for temperature and humidity. Appropriately chosen case will allow you to keep the instrument in a perfect condition.