Lighting for kids’ room

Kids’ rooms are where all the fun happens. When we think about the design of the room, we focus on getting the most colourful wallpapers, storage for toys and the comfiest bed in the world. There is one thing we all overlook though and, surprisingly, it’s one of the most important elements in every room! Lighting. In a space as multifunctional as a child’s room is, lighting plays a big role. What key things should you remember about when choosing lighting for your kids’ room?



There’s no chance that your kid won’t try to knock the ceiling-mounted lamp off with a paper plane or a ball. Kids like throwing things in the air, jumping on the bed and off of it, grabbing and pulling things – all sorts of fun. Choosing the lights to put in their rooms, you should always keep those facts in mind. Go for elements that are not easily breakable – wood is much safer than pottery and recessed lighting is not as easy to hit as chandeliers. Also, always pay attention to loose cords on the floor. If you go for a floor lamp, secure the cords to the wall or the leg of a table. And don’t leave the cords for bedside lamps hanging – the chances of your toddler pulling the lamp off the table and bumping their heads are quite high.


Design and function

Each room should have its own, unique design. Either it’s a little princesses room or a big boy’s layer, you should always pick the lighting that suits the vibe. Don’t go small – it’s a common thing to do when arranging a child’s room, but bold, statement lamps make a great addition to the room as well! And, don’t forget function. Older kids will appreciate reading lights on the bedside table and, for the toddlers, dim night light will make the sleeping that much easier. If it’s possible, go for dimmers at all the switches in the room and adjust the temperature of the lighting to the time of day and the situation.

lighting in kid's room

Have you ever wondered how attractive can kids’ room be? You can improve the design using perfect lighting. 


Decoration and fun

Lampshades come in so many shapes and sizes now, so why not use it to your advantage! Personalise the room with store-bought lampshades with your kids’ favourite cartoon characters or make some yourself. Even better, let your kids do it! Buy some cheap lampshades in store and have the kids paint, trim and stick them with whatever they want to. It’s so easy and fun, they’ll love it.