Origins of your great-great grandparents – discover your ancestors

Life expectancy in Monaco just recently reached 89,5 years. Statistically, most of us have had an opportunity to meet our grandparents from at least one side of the family. According to researchers, knowing your own roots is a very important part of discovering your own identity. Have you ever thought of finding out a little bit more about origins of your own family? How about combining it with a great journey following along the exact trails of our ancestors?

Genealogy tourism

Lately, one of the most popular trends in Europe tourism industry is ancestry tourism. It had its origins in the times just right after the World War 2. Many families during those dark times were teared apart or even deported, and to reunite with their loved ones people were willing to commit themselves into travelling up to thousands of kilometers just to have a slight chance of seeing a missing husband or wife. Today it looks a little bit different. With the Internet and high-tech technology, we have an opportunity to collect the database about are ancestors even 10 generations back!

If you would dig a little bit deeper, you might be surprised how your forefathers differed from you. By simply conducting some of the basic data, you might be able to come upon some mark from completely different sight of the Europe, or even world! In some cases you might still be able to see for yourselves how your ancestors lived, or even find a memento directly connected to your family. It might really change your perspective and help rise your identity sense to a completely new level.

photography of your ancestors

Discover your ancestors!

One of the way to combine your holiday with your own family tree research is to fully depute this task to professional agency. There are currently many agencies providing complex services from the start, so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Such agency ensures that you or your family will participate in an unforgettable and sentimental trip with a professional approach to searching through your documentation and files. It might turn out to be the best experience of your life!