What home improvements add a value to a potential buyer?

Being a house owner usually means thinking a lot about the value of the property. Whether you plan to sell it or not, any change to its style, appearance or function can impact the overall price of the house. For that reason, many people think through the renovations they do so that they actually add value to a potential buyer and make the house more attractive for its price compared to other houses in the neighbourhood. What home improvements are the best for adding value to the property?

Always fix the structural issues

One of the most obvious and easiest feature that can add value to your home is fixing all its existing problems. Old windows, cracked floors, bad electricity, leaking roof, rotten wood or even an insect infestation can massively decrease the value of the property, which new tenants would want to fix before they move in and demand a lower price considering the fixes that are necessary. Renovations are time consuming, but if you plan on living in a house for a long time before you sell it, you can fix some major issues one by one, making sure the effects last.

Convert attic and basement into functional rooms

With so many houses in London and throughout the UK using basements and attics as a dumping ground rather than a proper room, there’s no wonder why houses seem to be small and impractical. However, if you wish to add value to the house and increase the functional square meters of the property, renovating the basement and the attic seem like the most obvious of choices. For a fraction of the price of building a brand new extension you can get your basement finished and ready to be used as an in-house gym, a spare bedroom and bathroom, a kids playroom, a home office – the possibilities are endless. Same thing goes for the attic. Even a finished and well organised storage space looks better and adds value than raw, unfinished walls and floors covered in spider webs.

Remodelling the house layout

It may not be a small job and requires some big planning ahead of time, but if the house seems small and not as functional as it could be, one of the best ways to reuse its square meters is simply remodelling the whole interior. Improve the existing layout by moving walls, changing up the furniture and reimagining the interior design before you decide to extend or buy a bigger place. Sometimes small changes can add up to big improvements and even though the house keeps its shape and size, it can be worth more than it was.
What we suggest? Think about combining dining room and kitchen to create a dining kitchen and other potential multi-functional living spaces. Give up on corridors and hallways – open plan floorspace is much more practical, modern and sought after. Also, choose fewer but larger rooms with clear sight lines, which will make a house seem larger.
Adding value to the house doesn’t have to mean making big changes, adding square meters and extending up or back, giving up on the garden space. With some remodelling inside and taking proper care of the structure itself, your house could be worth more than the rest in the neighbourhood, making it an attractive piece on the market.